UK Energy from Waste Statistics – 2016

Tolvik has just released it’s “UK Energy from Waste Statistics – 2016” report which provides a comprehensive overview of data on the UK EfW sector for 2016 based largely on the Annual Reports sent to the EA/SEPA and NRW together with Tolvik’s assessment of the current market for such facilities.

The objective is that, over time, the report will become a consistent and reliable source of data on the EfW sector and of benefit to industry, investors, students and policymakers.

The key statistic for the year was that in 2016 inputs into 41 UK EfWs increased by 18% to 9.96Mt when compared with 2015. 85% of these inputs were Local Authority Collected Waste and the remainder Commercial and Industrial Waste. Based on facilities which are either operational or in construction, it is projected that inputs will have reached 14.7Mt.

During the year the median gate fees for long term contracts for Residual C&I Waste rose to £70/t (from £62/t) whist median spot market prices to EfWs were significantly higher at around £92/t.

The report is available free of charge at