Tolvik releases their first annual report on the UK Biomass sector

Hot on the heels of the release of Tolvik’s fourth annual report on the Energy from Waste sector, Tolvik has launched its first UK Dedicated Biomass Statistics report.

“We receive many positive comments from the industry and investors on our popular annual Energy from Waste Statistics and we are always keen to respond to feedback on how we could develop the report further. It is for this reason we have produced our latest publication which brings together data on the Biomass sector from a range of sources into a single document” explains Chris Jonas, Tolvik Director.

This main focus of this initial report is upon solid-fuelled, dedicated biomass facilities (including those which are Combined Heat and Power) of at least 2.5MW capacity. The availability of biomass as a fuel from a range of feedstock such as Virgin and Recycled Wood, Straw, Poultry Litter, Meat & Bone Meal and Sewage Sludge is explored along with an overview of the biomass markets and potential future developments in the sector. It also considers biomass sourced from the UK and Ireland and consumed by biomass conversions at coal fired power stations and co-incineration at cement kilns.

Copies of both the UK Dedicated Biomass Statistics and Energy from Waste Statistics report can be downloaded free of charge from