Residual Waste during Q2 2020 lockdown

Earlier this year Tolvik issued a series of Briefing Reports on the impact of COVID-19 on the Residual Waste market in the UK.

In the third version of the Briefing Report, released on 29 May 2020,, Tolvik forecasted that the maximum impact of lockdown, on an annualised basis, would be a reduction in Residual Waste tonnages in the UK of 16.9% (23.2Mt vs 27.8Mt for 2019).

Tolvik has recently received preliminary quarterly data from the Environment Agency under a Freedom of Information Act request.

This data includes Q2 2020 (i.e. April – June), which broadly corresponds to the period during which the COVID-19 lockdown was at its peak. When combined with monthly RDF export data, it is estimated that the actual impact of COVID-19 was a reduction in Residual Waste tonnages of 15.6%.

Landfill inputs were down 34% from the average during 2019, whilst EfW inputs were up, largely due to additional EfWs starting operation in late 2019/early 2020.