Report release: UK Energy from Waste Statistics - 2018

We have just released our annual Tolvik UK Energy from Waste Statistics report which provides a comprehensive overview of data on the UK EfW sector for 2018.

The report points to a 5.6% rise in inputs in 2018 to 11.5Mt. This was a lower than projected in the previous report as a result of delays in the commissioning of a number of EfWs with average delays in construction completion of 17-19 months.

Particularly notable was a return to the power export challenges previously experienced in 2016, with 6 plants suffering turbine issues during 2018. As a result, total power exported was unchanged at 6.1GWh, and the average power exported fell from the 2017 figure of 569 kWh/tonne to 536 kWh/tonne. After adjusting for the generally lower availability of smaller EfWs, average availability based on hours reported was 89.8% – in line with previous years.

For the first time the report also considers various compliance matters – covering reported emissions to air and operator reports of abnormal operations. On average emissions for the 37 EfWs for which data for continuously monitored substances was available were 28% of the Emissions Limit Value.

Tolvik plans to release information on gate fees later in the year.

The report is available to download free of charge via