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Can Rail Level Up Regional Residual Waste Markets? Rail Freight Considerations in GB

In identifying potential locations for new Energy from Waste facilities, development activity continues to primarily focus on brownfield land associated with former heavy industries which offer the lowest planning risk. But, as additional EfW capacity is built out, such locations are increasingly distant from those areas of Great Britain with greatest remaining need for additional Residual Waste treatment capacity. As a result, developers are assessing the potential to “level up” the Residual Waste market by transporting significant tonnages of waste from source to these distant treatment facilities.

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In this Report:

  • Identification of the opportunities and challenges associated with using the rail network to transport Residual Waste.
  • In-depth review of the rail freight sector, including its structure and key participants.
  • Discussion on the key operational and commercial issues which need to be addressed when considering a potential procurement of a rail freight solution.

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