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Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste in the UK: 2024

This report is an updated version of Tolvik’s 2021 published report, “AD Market in the UK: A Food Fight?”. It has been prepared on an independent basis and reflects Tolvik’s latest views of the Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion market in the UK.

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In this Report:

  • Focus is upon the market for AD facilities approved under the Animal By-Products Regulations which are capable of processing Household Food Waste.
  • Considers the significance of recent announcements on the future collections of Food Waste for treatment in AD facilities in the UK (with a particular focus on England) and supply from non-household food waste from commercial, industrial and manufacturing sources.
  • The report also explores gate fee and feedstock cost evolution, current capacity and how might investment in additional capacity be stimulated for the construction of new AD facilities.
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