Netherlands in Figures - 2013

The annual survey results for the Netherlands waste industry in 2013 were finally released just before Christmas. 

Arguably of greatest interest to UK readers will be that total inputs into EfWs in the Netherlands in 2013 were 7.55 Million tonnes (Mt) – up slightly from 7.48Mt in 2012.

Not unexpectedly, between 2012 and 2013 the tonnage of imports processed at these EfWs rose significantly – from 1.03Mt to 1.61Mt. Information from the Environment Agency confirms that in 2013 the UK dominated the Dutch import market at 1.2Mt, approximately 80%.

However, of perhaps greater significance is that the supply of domestic Dutch waste to these facilities was down by a total 0.51Mt – or 8%. With consented EfW capacity increasing in 2013 slightly (largely due to EfWs processing wastes with a lower average calorific value) to 7.72Mt, the Dutch EfW market is rapidly closing in on the projected 2.0Mt of overcapacity in 2015.

A key question is – with increased recycling and declining waste volumes how much further could this overcapacity go? At a recent conference in the UK, one Dutch EfW operator projected capacity exceeding domestic waste supply by 4.5Mt by 2025.

The survey also confirms the consistent operational performance achieved by Dutch EfWs. In 2013 ‘availability’ (tonnes processed/consented capacity) continued to average 98%. Power produced by these facilities was the equivalent of 505 KWh per tonne of inputs of which 84% (424 KWh/t) was exported.

Alongside this all but one of the 13 operational EfWs in the Netherlands produced heat totalling 16.3PJ – the equivalent of just over 600 KWh per tonne of input waste. The overall levels of energy recovery at Dutch EfWs are such that all but one (the specialist small Zavin EfW) have now been accredited as R1 under the Waste Framework Directive by the Dutch authorities and so are permitted, should they need, to accept imports.

Please note that Tolvik is undertaking an independent assessment of the Netherlands waste market as part of a wider analysis of the European market to be published in February 2015.

To view the annual survey results for the Netherlands in 2013 click here.


Author: Adrian Judge