With the depth of knowledge and wealth of experience in both the waste and bioenergy sector and in the commercial environment, Tolvik are able to provide a range of expert support services.

Critical Friend

At times an independent and informed “critical friend” can be very helpful in providing an objective assessment of a proposed or preferred strategy, including assisting project company boards in assessing opportunities brought to them by operational staff.

Client:Confidential Senior Debt
Project:Options assessment for future of underperforming waste management facility.
Scope:Working with a specialist associate, independent assessment on behalf of debt investors of the commercial/operational options for a recently constructed facility.

Investment Performance Assessment

Investments do not always proceed as planned – and often it is very difficult for those directly involved to provide investors with impartial, objective views of the investment, particularly if it is financially distressed.  Using its operational, financial and commercial experience, Tolvik is able to respond rapidly in such situations – independently assessing such projects and advising, where applicable, on appropriate, practical, remedial actions.

Project:Assessment of the prospects of Green North East Trading Bidco Ltd (“Impetus”)
Scope:Independent assessment on behalf of equity investors of the ability of the business to achieve break-even trading in the short term.

Expert Witness

A Director is available to act as an independent expert witness on the waste and bioenergy markets.

Client:Able Humber Ports
Project:Assessment Biomass throughputs at the Port of Immingham
Scope:Independent assessment as part of the Development Consent Order process with respect to the future throughputs of biomass through the Port of Immingham and the impact of changes in the UK electricity markets on future coal imports.