The Tolvik team has developed a detailed understanding of the complex and often interrelated matters across various waste management contracting models.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the assets, the market participants and clients requirements means that we are uniquely well placed to provide clients with commercial support during times of change.

I think this is really, really good.”

Managing Director, Capital City Waste Disposal Authority, September 2022

An essential element of our approach to due diligence is to engage in active dialogue with participants – in particular seeking to understand both their perception of risk and their rationale for seeking or needing to react to change. Previous engagements have included:

  • Carbon assessment of competing solutions, and how this might change over time.
  • Plotting through the likelihood and severity of various commercial positions of complex waste treatment contracts.
  • Exploring new treatment markets for niche waste streams.
  • Supporting the restructuring of complex gain and revenue sharing mechanisms, to mutual satisfaction.
  • Resolving disputes ahead of formal proceedings.
  • Providing independent evidence to commercial valuations.

I wanted to thank you for all your efforts over the past months. The support you have given us has been essential for the success of the operation.”

Senior Investment Director