Autumn Briefing Report: COVID-19 and UK Waste Sector

Tolvik released its first Briefing Report in late March 2020 on the potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the UK waste sector just as the UK was entering COVID-19 lockdown. This was subsequently updated in mid-April and at the end of May.

An Autumn version of the Report has just been published which uses a range of provisional data sources to assess the actual impact of COVID-19 during the second quarter of 2020 (April – June). This is broadly equivalent to the period during which the UK experienced its most restricted lockdown.

Informed by this analysis, together with recent economic projections, this version of the Briefing Report develops an updated series of projections for Residual Waste in England for the rest of 2020-21 and through to 2025.

The analysis was undertaken before the announcement of the new national lockdown in England from 5th November 2020.

This latest Briefing Report: COVID-19 and UK Waste Sector (Autumn 2020) can be downloaded free of charge from