Announcement: Chris Jonas, Speaker at IRRC Waste to Energy Conference

The annual IRRC Waste to Energy Conference will be held this year in Vienna on October 14 and 15. The key topics for 2019 are International EfW Development, Policies and Development, Country Reports and current market conditions.

“Internationally acknowledged speakers of the industry, from politics, science and technology will present the current themes and discuss them with the participants. The exchange of experiences, ideas, and concepts will give impulses for cooperation and is going to promote development particularly in the new EU-member states”.

Chris Jonas, as a speaker representing Tolvik, will be making a presentation on ‘Waste Management Situation and Perspectives in the United Kingdom against the background of Brexit’.

A recent Tolvik publication will be published in the book ‘Waste Management’ which will be released at the Congress and online via Thomé-Kozmiensky Verlag GmbH literature database.