AD Market in the UK – A Food Fight?

Tolvik have issued today a new report which considers for the UK:

* The impact of waste reduction activities on Food Waste arisings.
* The availability of separately collected Food Waste in 2030 under three scenarios – particularly in the light of the Environment Bill requirement for separate Food Waste collections in England.
* The achievability of Government projections of an additional 1.35Mtpa of Household Food Waste resulting from the new legislation.
* The current ABPR approved AD capacity and, in the light of in 2020 inputs 3.34Mt, how much capacity existing facilities have to accommodate additional separate collections.
* Future AD capacity in the light of the recent launch of the Green Gas Support Scheme (“GGSS”).

If you wish to read the full report, an electronic copy of AD Market in the UK – A Food Fight? is available at a cost of £395 plus VAT via our repots page or please do get in touch if you have any questions.