A leading provider of independent market analysis and commercial due diligence to the European waste and bioenergy sectors.

“Tolvik’s integrity and independence are two key attributes and it would have been a very different set of discussions with lenders and shareholders had we not been persuaded by and then relied upon their analysis.”


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Since 2009 Tolvik has developed a reputation for thoroughly researched, authoritative market assessments and insightful advice upon which clients can rely.

Our clients include major waste companies, contractors, banks, equity investors and the public sector.  Our work can cover projects ranging from a single day of targeted research to detailed due diligence over a number of months.

We are proud of our independence and that we are viewed as a trusted source of unbiased market analysis and advice.

To underpin this we:

  • Never work on a success fee basis
  • Take the greatest care to maintain confidentiality
  • Never work in a specific project development role
  • Support a very wide client base
  • Will decline to undertake work for clients or projects in which a potential conflict of interest may arise

Our decision to focus on key markets allow us to have an unrivalled depth of knowledge and understanding.  We believe that as a result we are uniquely positioned to identify emerging industry trends.

And as Waste to Energy markets expand internationally, so too do our horizons.  We are looking to build new relationships to further develop our knowledge base in regulated markets so as to ensure that we are able to continue to provide clients the level of rigorous and independent analysis to which they have become accustomed.

Our Published Reports

Not all of our work is client specific.  As part of the process of gathering data and analysing the market, from time to time we publish reports either as free downloads or for general sale via our website.

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