Tolvik is an independent provider of commercial due diligence and market analysis services to the European waste and bioenergy sectors.

Tolvik understands and focusses on these markets by choice. Its deep knowledge underpins all that it does and Tolvik is uniquely able to identify emerging industry trends.

Tolvik understands investors and their requirements. This is reflected in both the way in which Tolvik engages with its clients and in the way in which it presents analysis.

And as European markets develop, Tolvik is building new relationships so that it will continue to be able to provide clients with the service they have come to expect.

Market Analysis

Market Analysis HomeTolvik is a waste and bioenergy consultancy with a practical, up-to-date understanding of the waste and bioenergy industry.

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Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial Due Diligence HomeOver the last 5 years, Tolvik has been established as the ‘go to’ provider of independent commercial due diligence in the waste and bioenergy sectors.

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Supporting Industry

Supporting Industry HomeWith its depth of knowledge and understanding of the waste and bioenergy markets, Tolvik is able to provide its clients with a range of associated services.

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