Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Tolvik is a specialist consultancy with a practical, up-to-date understanding of the waste and bioenergy markets.

This knowledge, combined with a passionate desire to deliver a quality product which is ‘fit for purpose’, means that Tolvik is able to provide its clients with informed, insightful and independent views of the market.

Tolvik’s market analysis has been previously used by clients to:

  • Develop new business strategies to reflect changing market conditions
  • Identify suitable acquisition targets
  • Identify and exploit greenfield opportunities in waste and bioenergy sectors
  • Assess the availability of feedstocks/fuels for a particular project
  • Assess the threat posed by competitors
  • Consider the effects of changes in legislation on their business model


Because it has a focus on just the waste and bioenergy sectors, Tolvik has developed a comprehensive network of industry contacts each providing a different perspective on the market. This, combined with its own active research of public domain sources and consultancy work for a wide range of clients, means Tolvik is able to provide clients with a rounded view of the waste and bioenergy sectors.

For specialist projects, Tolvik looks to engage the services of experts in their field to support its in-house skills and knowledge.

In 2014, when it wanted to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the Residual Waste Market, the UK government owned Green Investment Bank turned to Tolvik to assist it in the production of “The UK residual waste market”.


Tolvik believes market analysis is more than providing tables and graphs. It is about interpreting and validating the raw data, dealing with ambiguity and synthesising information to create a comprehensive view of the market. This needs to then be expressed in a way that can be readily understood – often by those not familiar with the sector.  This requires both understanding and experience.

One such example is Tolvik’s market report on the Residual Waste market released for sale in July 2011. In the 2011 Briefing Report: Residual Waste in the UK” Tolvik forecast that, in the central case, Total Residual Waste in the UK would be 27.8Mt in 2015/16.  Tolvik’s latest analysis, based on 2015 data, suggests that the actual figure will be around 27.6Mt.


Tolvik is proud of its independence and this means that Tolvik is a trusted source of unbiased waste market analysis.  To ensure independence is maintained Tolvik:

  • Do not work on a success fee basis
  • Are never engaged directly in project development
  • Support a very wide client base – in 2016 Tolvik worked for 25 different clients