Commercial Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Over the last 8 years, Tolvik has been established as the ‘go to’ provider of independent commercial waste and bioenergy due diligence.

Tolvik has been engaged by both debt and equity investors on more than 30 projects, both newbuild and refinancing, with investments ranging in scale from £5m to £500m.


The Tolvik team has comprehensive knowledge of the market and has extensive experience in negotiating and reviewing industry contracts – not just as an advisor but also as an operator and an investor. This makes Tolvik uniquely well placed to provide clients with commercial due diligence services in support of specific assets or as part of broader M&A activity.

Contract review and market analysis are just parts of the due diligence process. An essential element of Tolvik’s approach to due diligence is to engage in active dialogue with project participants – in particular seeking to understand both their perception of risk and their rationale for participating in a transaction.


Tolvik understands what is and what is not important to investors in the sector, helping to define the initial scope of the due diligence and, as is often the case, recognising the critical issues to pursue as the due diligence continues.

But Tolvik does not believe that due diligence should be confined to the written scope. Where, as part of its own work, it identifies additional issues for other advisors to consider, it will bring these to the client’s attention.


Tolvik has earned its reputation in the sector through providing clients with unambiguous, independent and objective advice upon which they can rely, underpinned by Professional Indemnity Insurance of up to £10m.

Whilst not always popular, Tolvik firmly believes in the importance of “tell it as it is” and it does not provide clients with simply “what they want to hear”. Whilst rare, Tolvik has declined to undertake due diligence on projects which are manifestly uninvestable.