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UK Dedicated Biomass Statistics – 2017

This is Tolvik’s first annual report on the UK “dedicated” biomass sector and builds upon our popular annual report on the Energy from Waste sector.  

The main focus of this report is upon solid-fuelled, dedicated biomass facilities of at least 2.5MW capacity.  It also considers biomass sourced from the UK and Ireland and consumed by biomass conversions at coal fired power stations and co-incineration at cement kilns.

The report is available below free of charge.

Tolvik UK Biomass Statistics 2017 – July 2018 (PDF 682KB)


UK Energy from Waste Statistics – 2017

Tolvik’s fourth annual report on the UK Energy from Waste sector builds on our previous reports and continues to bring together data from a range of sources into a single document.  The report is available below to download free of charge and the contents of the report can be freely used, subject to appropriately acknowledging its source.

Tolvik UK EfW Statistics 2017 report – June 2018 (PDF 888KB)




UK Residual Waste: 2030 Market Review

Tolvik was commissioned by The Environmental Services Association (ESA) to undertake an independent review of third party reports and analysis relating to the Residual Waste market in the UK.  The report identifies both areas of common ground between the different reports and analysis along with any differences in methodology.  This combined with other data enables a series of forward looking assumptions to drive future projections of the market to be developed.  

Click on the link below to view the full report on the ESA website.

UK Residual Waste: 2030 Market Review – Tolvik November 2017 


2017 Briefing Report: Mechanical Biological Treatment – 15 Years of UK Experience

The decision, 15 years ago, by East London Waste Authority to award Shanks a long term Residual Waste treatment contract based on Mechanical Biological Treatment (“MBT”) and the signing of the 25 year MBT based contract between Biffa and Leicester City Council represented key moments in the development of MBT sector in the UK. And 2017 sees the commissioning of DONG Energy’s “first of a kind” 120ktpa REnescience facility in Cheshire which uses DONG’s proprietary enzyme based MBT process.

Drawing from a wide range of information sources, this report independently reviews the track record of MBT in the UK since 2002, identifies some of the successes and failures and, most significantly, the key lessons learnt.  It is aimed at those with an interest in MBT in the UK and international clients keen to learn from the UK’s experience of the technology.

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UK Energy from Waste Statistics – 2016

This annual report brings together data for 2016 on the UK Energy from Waste sector from a range of sources into a single document.  It is available below to download free of charge as the objective is that, over time, this report will become a consistent and reliable source of data on the sector and of benefit to industry, investors, students and policymakers.

UK EfW Statistics 2016 report – Tolvik June 2017 (PDF 810KB)



Sept 2016 Export front cover web final thick line2016 Briefing Report: UK RDF Export Market

This is the third in a series of Briefing Reports produced by Tolvik considering the ever developing UK Refuse Derived Fuel (“RDF”) export market. The previous two reports UK Waste Exports: Opportunity or Threat? (June 2011) and RDF Exports: Here for Good? (February 2015) are available to download free of charge. This report revisits and updates many of the themes from these previous reports, but in particular considers recent market developments and the potential impact of the recent Brexit vote.

Download ‘2016 Briefing Report: UK RDF Export Market’ (PDF 1.43MB)


UK EfW Sector Report 2015 - Sept 2016 final cover for webUK Energy from Waste Statistics – 2015

This report follows on from the preliminary report for 2014. It uses a range of sources, most notably EfW operators’ 2015 Annual Returns, to assess the current status of the rapidly expanding UK EfW industry and benchmark UK performance.

Download ‘UK Energy from Waste Statistics – 2015’ report (PDF 648KB)



RDF Exports Here for Good 2015 front cover webRDF Exports: Here for Good?

Following on from an initial Briefing Report in June 2011, this report was written in February 2015 to evaluate the future of the Combustible Waste market in Europe through to 2025, with a particular emphasis on its impact of RDF export markets, both from the perspective of exporters and importers.

Downlaod ‘RDF Exports: Here for Good?’ report (PDF 1MB)



UK Energy from Waste Statistics – 2014 (Preliminary)

UK Energy from Waste Statistics – 2014 (Preliminary)

This is the first edition of what is hoped to become an annual report which considers the rapidly expanding UK EfW sector, providing key 2014 performance data for 33 EfWs based on information in the public domain. A number of elements in the 2014 preliminary report are in development by Tolvik plans for a expanded and updated 2015 version to be released in summer 2016. Feedback and comments appreciated – particularly from EfW operators.

Download ‘UK Energy from Waste Statistics – 2014 (Preliminary)’ report (PDF 703KB)


2011 Future of Landfill

The Future of Landfill

The 2011 Briefing Report: The Future of Landfill: the third in a series of independent reports by Tolvik analysing the UK waste market, considers the factors influencing the future of the landfill market and, using recent European experience as a guide, provides insights into potential future landfill strategies, availability and gate fee pricing.

Download ‘The Future of Landfill’ report (PDF 811KB)



2011 Residual Waste Report UKUK Residual Waste

The 2011 Briefing Report ‘UK Residual Waste’ updates the previous ‘2010 Briefing Report: Residual Waste in England and Wales’ issued by Tolvik and has been expanded to include Scotland and Northern Ireland alongside England and Wales. The report provides developers, funders, waste producers and policy makers, with a comprehensive overview of the current Residual Waste market, identifying future trends in Residual Waste tonnages and current capacity plans for Residual Waste Treatment Facilities (RWTFs) across the UK.

Download ‘UK Residual Waste’ report (PDF 673KB)


UK Waste ExportsUK Waste Exports: Opportunity or Threat?

In Summer of 2011, Tolvik produced this Briefing Report which considered the potential for the expansion of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) exports from the UK to Europe.

Download ‘UK Waste Exports: Opportunity or Threat? – June 2011’ report (PDF 497KB)